Mackie Wrist/
Flexion Extension

The Mackie Wrist brace provides static stretch for conservative treatment of soft tissue contractures that are less than six months from onset. The goal of this treatment is to accomplish a low stretching force maintained over a long period of time. This will safely and effectively stretch soft tissue contractures with lasting results. The brace may be used post-operatively or for contractures due to trauma, post-op adhesions, immobilization, muscle strength imbalance, arthritis, burns, cerebral palsy, stroke, or traumatic brain injury to maximize range of motion.

Static Progressive Contracture Management

  • Unlimited hinge motion with smooth adjustability
  • Available prefabricated in L/R, sizes Small & Medium
  • Can be ordered custom-made to your measurements


The frame and “Mackie” hinge of your brace are covered by a one year limited warranty against defects in materials or craftsmanship; soft goods are covered by a six month limited warranty.

Product Disclaimer
The Mackie Wrist Brace is designed to stretch soft tissue contractures and return the maximum range of motion possible to the joint. This treatment is usually prescribed following surgery and in addition to other therapeutic measures. The patient should discuss the wearing schedule with the physician who prescribed the brace.


  • Knobs may be removed for patient compliance or for patient convenience.
  • Tension should be readjusted when reapplying the brace as instructed, using the knobs to increase/decrease tension.



  • If pain, swelling or numbness occur, contact your physician.
  • Never attempt to stretch joint beyond normal limits.
  • Follow your physician’s instructions if they are different from these guidelines.



Ortho Innovations distributes these products through qualified professionals. They are only to be used following the prescription of a Medical Doctor. The prescribing physician’s instructions take precedence over any instructions given here or in printed material.

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