About Ortho Innovations

History of Ortho Innovations

Ortho Innovations is a manufacturer/distributor of innovative bracing for contracture management. Our product focus is primarily targeted at meeting the prescription demands of orthopedic and rehabilitative branches of medicine. The make-up of our research, design, and production teams reflect our background and expertise in clinical orthotics. Using this experience we are dedicated to delivering products that will be safe and comfortable for patient use, at a reasonable cost.

The idea for Ortho Innovations began in 1996 when a Mayo Clinic physician inquired about a device that would help arm surgery patients slowly increase range of motion in a way that prevented tissue damage. Kevin McLaughlin RTO, decided to use an existing mechanical hinge, often used on Volkswagen car seats and reclining wheelchairs, and applied the hinge to a contracture elbow brace. The design was well received and the “Mackie” brace was born. In 2003 Ortho Innovations opened its doors and began making elbow and knee braces for contracture management of inflexible joints. The product line has expanded to include contracture wrist braces, (flexion-extension, pronation/supination), hip abduction orthoses.

Mission Statement

To use our expertise in clinical orthotics and prosthetics to develop, produce and distribute innovative patient care products related to Orthopedic and Rehabilitative medicine. To provide our customers with the most advanced products at the best value in the market while maintaining a challenging and rewarding work environment for our associates.

Ortho Innovations Mackie Elbow